Liberal Arts

Tokyo, Nike And Katy Perry Changed Their Names; Is It Liberal Arts' Turn, Too?

Published by Forbes

While some suggest renaming the liberal arts, A&S Principal Craig Goebel counters that the name change alone won’t improve the appeal.

Poll Suggests Challenges for Liberal Arts Colleges

Published by Inside Higher Ed

What's in a Name? StudentPOLL research explores students' perceptions of a liberal arts education and finds that students have a fairly sophisticated understanding of the category; however, many aren't convinced it's the best education for them.

Liberal-Arts Colleges Should Take Initiative in Defining Themselves, Survey Suggests

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

New studentPOLL research conducted by Art & Science Group and ACT explores the challenges institutions face when they attempt to use their commitment to the liberal arts as the basis for a distinctive value proposition.

Can a Small College Close to Reinvent Itself?

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

Agnes Scott College is featured as an example of successful innovation and "re-engineering" by building a distinctive platform.

Real-World Experience and the Liberal Arts

Published by Inside Higher Ed

Furman University implemented strategic initiatives to differentiate itself as a liberal arts college, resulting in powerful new programs and enrollment improvements.

Elevator Pitch for a Women's College: Revamp Curriculum, Attract Students

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

Agnes Scott has made significant investments in overhauling their curriculum to focus on leadership and global awareness. As a result, the College has attracted the largest first-year class in its history.