Strategic Initiatives

‘Grow and Then Get More Efficient’

Published by Inside Higher Ed

A&S Principal David Strauss explains, “each institution must preserve the ‘core of your reason for being.’ Other expenditures -- even those that employees have come to expect and rely upon -- aren’t necessarily worth keeping if they don’t accomplish this.”

Tokyo, Nike And Katy Perry Changed Their Names; Is It Liberal Arts' Turn, Too?

Published by Forbes

While some suggest renaming the liberal arts, A&S Principal Craig Goebel counters that the name change alone won’t improve the appeal.

La Salle University’s Tuition Reset Boosts Enrollment While Skeptics Question Strategy – New Coverage

Published by Debtwire

While many colleges are attempting tuition resets as a method for boosting enrollment, pricing strategist Craig Goebel argues that unique positioning strategies often have a more influential and long-term impact.

Liberal-Arts Colleges Should Take Initiative in Defining Themselves, Survey Suggests

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

New studentPOLL research conducted by Art & Science Group and ACT explores the challenges institutions face when they attempt to use their commitment to the liberal arts as the basis for a distinctive value proposition.

University of Virginia is Falling Behind its Competitors, Consultants Warn in Report

Published by The Washington Post

Art & Science Group advises U-Va on a long-term strategy to differentiate itself from competitors and to promote thoughtful and substantive innovation.