‘Grow and Then Get More Efficient’

Published by Inside Higher Ed

A&S Principal David Strauss explains, “each institution must preserve the ‘core of your reason for being.’ Other expenditures -- even those that employees have come to expect and rely upon -- aren’t necessarily worth keeping if they don’t accomplish this.”

Top-Ranked Colleges Spend Their Money Differently From the Rest. Here's How.

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

A&S Principal Richard Hesel suggests, “Greater participation from both public and private colleges could also yield important knowledge about the challenges facing different types of institutions.”

La Salle University’s Tuition Reset Boosts Enrollment While Skeptics Question Strategy – New Coverage

Published by Debtwire

While many colleges are attempting tuition resets as a method for boosting enrollment, pricing strategist Craig Goebel argues that unique positioning strategies often have a more influential and long-term impact.

Why Universities Charge Extra for Engineering, Business and Nursing Degrees

Published by The Pew Charitable Trusts

A&S Principal David Strauss comments on the strategy behind differentiating tuition prices by majors, which is now being used by about 60 percent of public research universities. 

Lawmakers Show Sympathy for Trump Plan to Squeeze Research Costs

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

Can the benefits of a strong research program outweigh the potential budget cuts in higher education? A&S Principal Rick Hesel argues that when institutions have a strong positioning — based on programs like top-tier research — they attract students and philanthropic support that will offset the loss from budget cuts.